attract Skoltech's students for summer internship with your company
30 May - 23 July
Internship program "Industrial Immersion" implies solving technical tasks in companies by Skoltech’s Master students.

The goal of Industrial Immersion is to provide for Skoltech's students real hands-on work experience in industrial sector and develop knowledge and skills for making impact through engineering and innovation.

free for
Skoltech places students to companies on a pro bono basis and retains student's scholarship for internship period (any compensation to the students is at the company's discretion)
in company's premises
Company provides students with equipped workplaces. Students' work in company's premises is essential to immerse students into the corporate culture and internal processes.
8 weeks
in summer
June - July, 8 weeks,
full-time, offline or blended mode

or in a team
Group projects of 3-5 students are preferred, however, individual format
is also possible
From Skoltech:
  • Student(s) of the relevant MSc program
  • Project Supervisor is a professor or a Skoltech Centre’s member who monitors project implementation and evaluates internships results
  • Program Coordinator is appointed for each MSc program and coordinates the program delivery.
  • Scholarship - Skoltech pays students a scholarship during the whole period of internship
  • Internship Agreement – a contract between the institute and the company on the terms and obligations relating to the arrangement of practical training
  • Support of Industrial Studies – head office for Industrial Immersion carrying out overall coordination of the internship program delivery. The team which supports companies throughout the whole process, addressing the related issues.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses – Skoltech covers the related expenses for non-Moscow placements within the Russian Federation
From company
  • Technical task – a project for a student or a group of students focused on solving short-term research, operational or manufacturing tasks
  • Project Supervisor – company’s employee who sets the task, oversees project implementation, assesses student report and approves project poster
  • Workplace – an equipped workplace for a student in company’s office, lab or other premises related to the fulfilment of the project task.
  • Safety - provide students with safe work conditions. Instruct students on labor protection, safety measures, fire protection techniques, sanitary, epidemiological rules and hygienic standards.
  • Internship Agreement – a contract between the institute and the company on the terms and obligations relating to the arrangement of practical training. Template is provide by Skoltech.
  • Evaluation of internship results – assessment of the student's report (pass/fail), approval of the project poster and feedback on the internship outcomes (optional).
how it works
During Industrial Immersion program more than 1000 students have successfully implemented complex technological projects in companies. You are welcome to check on the projects from previous years:

till 28 March

till 28 March

Submission of applications from companies
till 31 March
till 31 March
Confirmation of applications by Skoltech. Pool of summer projects is finalized.
till 13 May
till 13 May
Assignment of students to projects. Appointment of Project Supervisors from Skoltech.
till 30 May
till 30 May
Internship agreements are processed
Projects implementation in host companies
till 31 July
till 31 July
Acceptance and assessment of results
October 2022
Industry Day
Industry Day is a grand conference that finalizes the results of the Industrial Immersion program brining together on Skoltech campus representatives of technologically advanced businesses, scientists and students to discuss cooperation between industry and academia, introduce students to the hi-tech leading companies and exchange experience in the development and transfer of technologies and knowledge.
Industry Day 2021
about Skoltech's students 
Skoltech’s students are ones of the most desirable interns with a high chance of further employment in companies. They were trained by world-recognized scientists, posses good command of the English language and can solve complex tasks.
passed the most
rigorous selection process

The сompetitive admission process offers only 300 places for Skoltech’s master programs among 17 000 applications from Russia and 100 countries in the world
level of English
They are fluent in English and have work experience in a multicultural environment. Skoltech is a wholly English-speaking university with professors and students from over 60 countries
your values
They are ready to work in a team, take responsibility, realize complicated tasks, think unconventionally, and be leaders
from the best 
They have studied under 140 world-renowned professors (MIT, EPFL, ETH Zurich, Cambridge, Politechnico di Milano, The University of Hong Kong and other leading universities) 
they can
do everything 
They have gained not only knowledge, but a year
of independent research work in laboratories in Russia and abroad, undertook entrepreneurship and business training 
the same interns 
They belong to a close knit community with a wide net- work of contacts – a resource for further headhunting, business development and attraction of experts 
Hundreds of companies have already hosted Skoltech’s students for internships:
We've collected the most frequently asked questions about the industrial immersion – if you cannot find the answer to your question, we will be happy to respond to you directly. You can find our contacts at the end of the webpage.
Can the internship be carried out in other dates?
Internship start dates may vary if requested by company but should remain within summer term, and be approved by Skoltech. IMPORTANT: the period of industrial immersion is fixed 8 weeks. It should be finished before the start of the next academic term/September. All changes are agreed with Industrial Immersion Coordinator.
Can the internship period be more than 8 weeks?
As an educational program the industrial immersion has a fixed period - 8 weeks. Start date may vary, but the duration is fixed. If during internship student is employed with the company for a longer period, labor relations between a student and a company should not interfere the internship schedule. The internship results should be reported on after 8 weeks. Students assessment for the summer term is linked to the internship end date.
Should a company pay students a salary?
Industrial immersion is free of charge for companies and arranged on a pro bono basis by default. Skoltech continues paying students a scholarship during the whole period of internship.
Can a student take internship in an online mode?
The internship should be arranged in an offline or hybrid mode (the latter is allowed in exceptional force-majeure cases, e.g.: restrictions due to COVID-19). The project implementation in company's premises is essential for immersing students into business settings, acquainting them with corporate culture and internal processes of the company.
What documents are required
from a company to host students for internship?
Online application form (internship assignment) filled in and submitted, industrial immersion agreement signed (options: Acceptance letter to the Public Offer agreement or a bilateral agreement for 2022 or long-term).
Non-disclosure agreement (if required) the company signs with a student directly.
If internship takes place outside of Moscow who covers students’ travel and accommodation expenses?
Skoltech covers travel and accommodation expenses, if the internship takes place outside of Moscow but in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Who is a contact person for discussing organizational issues?
Industrial Immersion program Coordinator is the main contact during internship arrangement process. The Coordinator is appointed for each MSc program. He/she coordinates the approval of submitted technical tasks and arranges assignment of students to projects. The Coordinator interacts with students, Project Supervisors from Skoltech and Project Supervisors from companies regarding all procedural issues; monitors the timely delivery of reporting materials by students.

Project Coordinators for each Master program:

  • Internet of Things and Wireless Technologies – Maria Kolotiy (
  • Space and Engineering Systems – Antonina Gromyko (
  • Materials Science – Ekaterina Guseva (
  • Data Science – Anna Zhdanova (
  • Life Sciences – Vera Rybko (
  • Petroleum Engineering - Natalia Kiani (
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies – Dmitry Krasovski (
  • Advanced Computational Science – Anna Zhdanova (
  • Photonics and Quantum Materials – Dmitry Krasnikov (
  • Energy Systems - Ekaterina Guseva (
How many students should be assigned to one project?
Usually a group of 3-5 students work on a project, but the exact number is defined by Company Supervisor, who develops a detailed technical task. Individual projects are also possible.
Internship application
To apply for the internship, please fill in the online form:
contact us
We are happy to answer any questions - you can reach us at or at the contacts below
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Head of Industrial Studies

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